received_163964663946203[1]Amanda Johnson Orlando Florida. 

Cuba is a beautiful Island. I enjoyed seeing the places we visited inside and outside Havana. Our guide Yoander was simply AWESOME! We were fortunate to have a group of people who were all friendly, considerate, and cooperative. I enjoyed the good humor, intelligence and creativity of Cubans. Old Havana was outstanding. Our trip to Trinidad was a pleasure. The tour gave me a different insight into Cuba.

Be Cuban for a Week Tour, December 2016

20160118_230433[1] Laura & Jorge Austin, Texas.

Impressive tension-free mixing of races. Very interesting culture and history, sadly dominated by a succession of problematic governments. People were generally very friendly. A suggestion would be to go lighter and shorter on the lunch stops to allow for more free time to walk around on our own.  Excellent time!


Be Cuban for a Week Tour, November 2016

FB_IMG_1456272227338-1[1]Andrew Seattle, Washington. 

Everyone I met was pleasant and helpful from hotel staff to waiters to people we talked to on the streets, to the Connection Travel staff answering all our pre-trip questions. I was surprised how well ALL Cuban people seem happy and helpful. Problems seemed to roll off their backs and they dealt with and resolved them. Maybe that’s part of island life and maybe it’s just the Cuban way. I loved the Piña Coladas! The old cars we rode in to our restaurant were very well restored so appreciate that quality of car to ride in. Overall, I don’t think the tour could have been any better for giving me a taste of Cuba, the change to do activities other than just site see, and everything was of great quality and value.
Be Cuban for a Week Tour October 2016.

FB_IMG_1461101846493[1]Michael Thompson, Reno, Nevada.

A country full of potential and warm welcoming people. The people are so resourceful and are to quick smile and laugh. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the city, its grand architecture and the obvious pride of its people. I enjoyed walking the streets of Old Havana. We were on the weekend tour so we only got to walk a small portion of the city. The walking tour portion of our trip has certainly peaked my interested and desire to return for more. Our tour guide, Yunior, was knowledgeable, patient and kind. Everything went smoothly. The weekend tour gave us a good overview of Havana and set the stage for further exploration.


Weekend Gateway to Havana Tour September, 2016.

FB_IMG_1487634718713Lindsey. Boston, Massachusetts.

I loved the people the music the culture the art. I felt there was a lot of decay of beautiful buildings that made me sad to see in such disrepair. I loved going to the Tropicana show simply awesome. I also enjoyed meeting the other people in our group. It was a beautiful weekend. The food was okay. Not great with a few exceptions. But the service was excellent everywhere. Our guide Arturo was a very knowledgeable fun and caring guide. He went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. The people are very welcoming and, in my opinion, one of the reasons to visit Cuba. Seeing everyday life and the regional differences in each city was my favorite part of the tour.  The music and culture are the highlights.

Be Cuban for a Week Tour August, 2016.

20160630_104911[1]Jordan Jobe & Kenady Sorenso. Scottsdale, Arizona.

The owner of Connections (Renier) and the tour guides were absolutely fantastic. They did everything in their power to make sure we were comfortable, having a good time, and eating well. They allowed us to spend extra time in places that we enjoyed like the beach and tobacco farm, and speed up other parts of the tour.
To us, the best part of the tours were the unexpected things like swimming under waterfalls into bat caves, tasting 25 year aged rum while smoking a famous Cohiba cigar, and wandering around Havana and Trinidad.
If you are a US Citizen and you want to travel to Cuba, then I highly recommend using Connections! While they are a relatively newer company when we went (June 2016) the owner of Connections, Renier, is very well known in Cuba as he used to be a top tour guide with a major Cuban Tour company. Excellent time!

Be Cuban for a Week Tour June 30th- July 9, 2016.

Harry Shoshani, San Diego, California.

Just returned from a wonderful Cuban tour run by Connection Travel Services.
the Tour Leader could not have been nicer and more helpful.
The tour covered much of the country and the Team Connection selected many great restaurants and Inns. Their numerous Cuban contacts allowed us many many insightful conversations with Cubans. My wife dream to go to Cuba and try some good rum and food. we took the Salsa, Cigar & Rum and was awesome. Lots of stuff to learn and see. Food was super, meals were included except one that we had to pay it, the one we had to pay was not expensive, specially the restaurant were Beyonce ate, $20 a plate. Cheap cigars and rum to take home, nice group, nice guides, well organized We really learned a lot about the country and people. I would highly recommend booking a tour with this company..

Be Cuban for a Week Tour April 2016.


John & Marie. Sacramento, California.

My wife and I traveled to cuba with connection travel services last January 2016 we took the Be Cuban for a Week Tour. This was a wonderful and memorable trip. We followed most of the same itenary as more expensive tours such as the national geographic tour but at half the price . While we didn’t go to every listing on the itinerary Raquel, our Tour Leader more than made up for it by taking us out to wonderful evening events such as music and dancing and salsa . It was so much fun! We felt we really had so much interaction with the Cuban people, who are the most lovely gracious and enthusiastic people I have met in our travels. We saw terrific art, fabulous music, interesting architecture, and had many interesting conversations. I would say this trip is for the relaxed traveler who is open to new experiences. Truly a fabulous trip and I highly recommend it!

Be Cuban for a Week Tour January, 2016.